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5 Reasons to Take a Combination NYC Walking and Boat Tour
May 24, 2021 at 9:30 PM
NYC boat tours are great!

There are the typical “musts” for exploring a city, whether you’re a tourist, a new resident, or a lifelong New Yorker looking for a novel reconnection with your borough. Bus tours, celebrated restaurants, public transportation, and historic parks provide insight into a city’s history, culture, and spirit. Few places offer walking tours with incorporated ferry rides, where you can step outside of the hustle and bustle of downtown to get a new panoramic view of the skyline. With combination NYC walking and boat tours, you can actually island-hop, from borough to borough, gaining a unique perspective on the city and see New York in a way few people get to experience.

Keep reading for our five favorite reasons you should take a NYC walking/boat tour combo.

#1. No matter how many times you’ve visited New York, you haven’t seen it like this.

It’s incredible what a shift in perspective can do for a person. Even if you’ve lived in New York for decades, a walking tour with an NYC boat ride lets you see the skyline and coast first hand––a rare and exceptional view.

If you’re a frequent visitor to New York, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the boroughs you rarely visit. Everyone will spot architectural gems they never appreciated before while getting a detailed and insightful history from our knowledgeable tour guides.

#2. It’s so much more than the Statue of Liberty.

You’ll get to see Lady Liberty too, but there’s so much more in the water and along the coast that you get to explore when you explore multiple boroughs via NYC walking/boat tour! Our tour guides dig into the history and culture of New York, giving customers a better understanding of the city they’re visiting.

Our Black History Water Tour starts with a walking tour in Brooklyn highlighting an abolitionist Black Church. See the skyline with a ferry ride between Brooklyn and Manhattan and resume the walking tour to the terminus at the African Burial Ground National Monument. You’ll learn about under-recognized places and get to know the city as few people do!

#3. Schedule an NYC walking/boat tour at your convenience.

Isle of New York Tours offers both private and public walking/boat tours of New York. You can schedule a private tour with one of our expert guides on your schedule, so you’re able to fit in all the sightseeing you want. You never have to alter your vacation schedule to a timetable when you opt for a private NYC combination walking and boat tour.

During private tours, we’re able to provide commentary and history that suits your interests and spend more time on the aspects that interest you while skipping the “boring stuff.” It’s a custom experience to help you get to know New York the way you want!

#4. No traffic, no crowded streets; a break from the hustle and bustle!

There’s no denying that walking on New York streets can be a little stressful. People in the city are in a hurry to get where they’re going, and trying to stop and enjoy the views can be hard to do––even when you’re part of a tour group!

If you want to see multiple boroughs in a single walking tour, dealing with traffic or MTA aren't the only options. There’s no stress, no hustle on an NYC walking/boat tour. Instead, you get to spend peaceful time outside the city during the commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan––on the water, taking in the views and relaxing.

#5. You get to sit down!

There’s nothing quite like an action-packed weekend or week in NYC, packed with incredible food, drink, theater, and museum stops. Add in a few walking tours, and you’re probably going to hit 10,000 steps before lunch.

When you want to go-go-go, but your body’s telling you it needs a rest, choose a walking tour that incorporates a ferry ride into your afternoon. You can rest and relax (and sitting!) on a boat while drifting past gorgeous skylines before resuming the walking tour in a new neighborhood.

Go island-hopping when you book a combination NYC walking and boat tour with Isle of New York Tours.

Isle of New York is a privately owned tour company providing historical, cultural, and nature walking tours of NYC. We’re versatile, providing tours by a subway train, foot, coach, and boat!

Book a tour with Isle of New York Tours to see the city that never sleeps in a novel way. Whether you’re visiting or a lifelong New Yorker, a combination NYC walking and boat tour gives you a whole new perspective on one of the world’s greatest cities.