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See Mrs. Maisel’s NYC with a Greenwich Village Walking Tour
March 16, 2021 at 9:30 PM

Travel back to the 1950s with Isle of New York Tours and see Greenwich Village in a brand new way. Our knowledgeable tour guides will lead you through the historical center of New York’s counter-culture movement, filled with underground comedy clubs and off-Broadway playhouses. We’ll hit the key filming locations throughout the neighborhood, where TV crews captured your favorite moments on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Here are just a few of the stops we make during the tour.

Visit the Historic Gaslight Cafe.

Mrs. Maisel does her first set as a comedian at The Gaslight Cafe, which was an actual place and a rich part of New York history. Now the building is home to a craft cocktail bar called Up & Up, where the menu cordially asks gentlemen to refrain from approaching women. But from 1958 until it closed its doors in 1971, it was a popular hangout for bohemians, poets, musicians, and comedians like Mrs. Maisel.

Our tour guides will share the building’s story, from Prohibition-era speakeasy to the present.

Make a stop at the real La Bonbonniere Diner.

No NYC tour featuring Mrs. Maisel would be complete without a stop at Midge and Joel’s favorite diner. If you love classic diner food (and aesthetic), you’re going to love La Bonbonniere Diner. Don’t let the French name fool you; it’s a perfect stand-in for City Spoon, the fictionalized version of this quintessential New York Diner.

There’s no shortage of incredible brunch spots in Greenwich Village. But when you’re craving great diner food, there’s nothing better than the burgers, omelets, and daily soups at La Bonbonniere.

They even filled the street out front with classic cars to film the iconic dance sequence following Joel’s proposal.

See the Music Inn on W. 4th St.

The Music Inn opened in 1958, the same year that the show takes place, and it probably looked as quirky as it does now. It’s still open and is among the oldest community-run music stores in New York.

Inside, musical instruments from all decades and all over the world hang from the ceiling above racks of records. In the show, it’s here Midge discovers underground party records and buys a Redd Foxx album.

Walk Through Washington Square Park.

This historic New York park is popular with NYU students and makes an appearance in just about every show and movie filmed in the city. Stanford White, the park’s designer, modeled the eye-catching arch after the Parisian Arc de Triomphe. The iconic park appears in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as the location of Jane Jacobs’s rally to stop the construction of a highway through the Village.

Jane Jacobs wins the fight against Robert Moses after calling upon Midge to come on stage and “share her story.”

Explore more of Greenwich Village history with your tour guide.

While our tours last about two hours, you could spend days exploring the history of Greenwich Village. It’s filled with comedy clubs, cafes, restaurants, historic brownstones, and NYU buildings. The NYC Mrs. Maisel Tour focuses on shooting locations through the neighborhood but includes some other notable sites, such as The Stonewall Inn and the picturesque Washington Mews street.

Book your own Mrs. Maisel Tour of NYC with Isle of New York Tours.

Make a reservation for the Mrs. Maisel NYC Tour with Isle of New York Tours and see filming locations, comedy clubs, and more. Our tour guides have an expansive historical knowledge of the city and tell engaging, unexpected stories about every stop on the walking tour.

Unlike the hundreds of other walking tour companies out there, we offer trans-isle tours throughout the city. Look at the city through the lenses of history, entertainment, nature, and more as you travel between boroughs. Book a tour today!